about us

cavanagh & associates ltd was established in 1999 by Pip Cavanagh. It was her belief that in order to provide a superior service and a true business partnership to every individual organisation, the agency needed a boutique approach, with a genuine focus on quality and staff that also lived and believed in this vision. Now with over a decade’s recruitment experience from consulting to management behind her, cavanagh & associates ltd is the epitome of that dream.

Triple win philosophy

cavanagh & associates ltd believe it is important to set a clear and concise goal or vision statement, which can be easily articulated to staff and give everyone within the organisation a sense of direction and focus.

This vision is underpinned with the values that we uphold to achieve this goal. However, to maintain and enhance these values they must be backed up by solid business processes, which reinforce and encourage our strong values. Through this alignment of vision, value and business processes, we will achieve our values.

Vision Statement

"To be recognised as the leading provider, focusing exclusively on ‘executive support’ recruitment services in New Zealand."

Values Statement

"We will achieve our vision through our dedication to our triple win philosophy - A win for the client, candidate, and agency. All values must conform to this guiding principle."

We achieve our value statement by focusing on five core values, these are: