A key philosophy of Cavanagh & Associates is that our candidates are potential clients and vice versa.

Finding employment can be a stressful, emotional and a challenging time. At Cavanagh & Associates we want to make things as easy and rewarding for our candidates as we possibly can.

In this section you will find practical tips and advice to help you write your CV and prepare for interviews.

When you apply for one of our vacancies we don’t just pigeon hole you for that particular role, we will review all our current vacancies as you could be suitable for more than just one position – we will discuss the various opportunities with you.

We will give you feedback as to why you weren’t successful for the position you applied or interviewed for.

We can provide advice on what realistic salary you can expect relating to your skill set, level of experience and knowledge relating to the type of job you want.

After we have successfully placed you in your new job we will maintain contact with you following your progress and future developments.

Our consultants are always available on mobile 24 hours, 7 days a week and during office hours of Monday to Friday 7.30 – 6pm. Click here to contact us.