Why work with Cavanagh & Associates

There are a number of key strengths and competitive advantages which Cavanagh & Associates is known and respected for.

When candidates are registered with Cavanagh & Associates they are given a full representation of the position and organisation. This covers the content of the role – duties, responsibilities, accountabilities, standards and expectations, hours, salary, location, management style, culture and structure of the organisation, industry, details of what the company is all about.  Other benefits to our clients include:

  • Allows our clients to focus on what they do best and outsource your non-core areas to specialists – saving time, money and resources.
  • Candidate’s answers are not influenced by your industry or their perception of your brand.
  • We offer advice regarding role structure, expectations, up to date market trends, and serve as a facilitator during the negotiation process.
  • Protect your brand and image – regular branding for recruitment can give the market the wrong perception i.e. high staff turnover.
  • By teaming up as your recruiting partner and conducting thorough research, we align your company strategy with your ideal candidate.

Employee stability reduces costs and increases productivity, staff morale and the organisations bottom line!

Cavanagh & Associates are quality focused in all aspects of our processes and procedures. Below is a summary of the quality processes for candidates and clients.

Candidate Quality Processes

  • Every CV is personally reviewed and actioned accordingly within 48 hours
  • Potential candidates are telephone screened prior to face to face interview
  • All interviews are conducted face to face in our office
  • During registration process candidates are introduced to all of the team
  • Structured interview format coupled with behavioural questions allow us to benchmark candidates
  • Registration process is the same for temporary, contract and permanent candidates
  • Flexibility within a structured interview to delve further for information as required
  • At the time of registration all candidates complete computer skills and competency assessments onsite, along with spelling, grammar, visual accuracy and comprehension assessments
  • Candidates confirm they are in good health to undertake the tasks required
  • Candidates must declare their criminal history
  • Reference checks are obtained at registration stage
  • Candidates who do not reach our minimum of criteria are not activated on our database
  • Candidates are informed of all the information pertaining to a role, company and its culture
  • All communication is recorded in our database
  • Cavanagh & associates Candidate Care Programme ensures regular communication with candidates
  • If a candidate is not the right fit for a client, this is communicated candidly
  • A candidate database search is conducted for every vacancy
  • The candidate database is cleansed regularly
  • On registration all candidates receive an information pack including a temp employment contract

Client Quality Control Processes

  • Face to face meeting (if applicable) or thorough phone / email communication is conducted with HR or the Hiring Manager to discuss all vacancy details
  • Advertising is uploaded to websites on the day of confirmation
  • Only at shortlist stage are the full details and the name of the client disclosed
  • Confidentiality is strictly adhered to for all parties at all times
  • The central database of all client and candidate information is accessible to all staff
  • Candidates must always consent prior to their CV being submitted to a client
  • All information is disclosed to both parties
  • Cavanagh & Associates adheres to their clients codes of conduct and best practises at all times
  • Cavanagh & Associates conduct all business in a moral, ethical and professional manner
  • All data is backed up and back-up tapes are taken off site daily
  • Internal performance reviews are conducted with all staff regularly
  • Internal documentation is audited regularly
  • Time frames to fulfil vacancies is recorded and continually monitored
  • Staff KPIs are frequently monitored
  • Regular contact with both the placed candidate and the Hiring Manager are maintained
  • Consultants attend industry related training and forums quarterly
  • Cavanagh staff are contactable 24/7

By selecting Cavanagh & Associates as your preferred recruitment agency you will benefit through:

Candidates: We have a wider pool of quality office support candidates.

Experience: By working only within this segment we know the specific candidate skill sets, personalities and characteristics which best suit differing industries, organisations and management styles.

Service: Clients receive a customised, flexible solution through our offering of permanent, contract and temporary staffing options.

These benefits provide Clients with the ‘right people’ the first time and assist you in reducing staffing costs.